Founded in 2002, Recover Logic, Inc. is headquartered in the California’s central valley to optimally serve our global client base. Our friendly staff is available 24 hours a day to respond promptly to your inquiry.
At Recover Logic, we take pride in our entire team of highly-trained, certified industry leaders. Our team has performed thousands of security assessments and has delivered strategic advice to many of the largest organizations across multiple industries.
Our consultants work hand-in-hand with our senior network engineers to provide the latest innovations in vulnerability assessment and mitigation management. Our services empower our clients to mitigate risks and implement a secure, managed level of security.  This managed process provides the best possible solutions for network security, disaster recovery, regulatory compliance such as HIPAA and PCI,  e-discovery, and advanced litigation support.  We want our clients to sleep at night knowing that their valuable network infrastructure is safe and secure.


Our security solutions and services have been retained by Fortune 500, Fortune 1000, government, and education clients; we helped solve some of their most complex security challenges.We understand the needs of our clients and provide only certified experts with years of experience, who deliver the highest level of service in network security, computer forensics, litigation support, compliance solutions, data recovery, training, IT support and investigations.  Each of our experts are certified in both state and Federal courts.